About anty

If you were to guess what I'm doing right now, you'd have good odds if you guessed "programming."

Building full-stack web apps is a passion of mine. I started building websites around 1999 and haven't stopped since – I even studied software engineering to further my interest. More recently, I began developing a native app: EverBeat.

EverBeat is a workout and nutrition tracker for Android. The focus is on tracking calories in and calories out, with a dash of gamification.
I'm particularly proud of my use of CRDTs, which prevent data loss when synchronizing between multiple devices.

Before EverBeat, I served as the CTO of a health-related SaaS company. There, I successfully migrated the legacy framework CakePHP 1.3 to PHP 7 to avoid rewriting our entire codebase.

When I need a break from programming, I love hiking, skiing, and cooking. I don't love working out, but I do it anyway. Someone needs to test those upcoming EverBeat releases, after all.
You might catch a photo of what I'm doing over on Instagram.

Contact hello@anty.at if you want to talk to me.